Marketing Executive | Digital, Content, Strategy | Keynote Speaker

One of the great perks of a career in marketing is being able to tackle diverse topics I wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to. I never would have guessed my occupational mileposts would cover such a wide range — putting together content strategies for farmers, editing thought leadership pieces around industrial lubricants, disseminating the latest macroeconomic trends, and also teaching people how to select and prepare pork.

What I’ve learned — the common thread that ties all these diverse topics together — is that everyone needs more or less the same foundation: a directional content strategy; an editorial process with calendars and deadlines and briefs; a genuine acceptance of data and SEO priorities; and a way to get it all out there directly into people’s eyeballs.

In addition to a career in writing, publishing and marketing, I have a presented at various marketing conferences — including Content Marketing World, Digital Summit Charlotte, Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit.