about me

One of the great perks of a career in content marketing is being able to tackle diverse topics I wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to. I never would have guessed my occupational mileposts would cover such a wide range — putting together content strategies for farmers, editing thought leadership pieces around industrial lubricants, disseminating the latest macroeconomic trends, and also helping busy moms throw 80s-themed birthday parties.

What I’ve learned — the common thread that ties all these diverse topics together — is that everyone needs more or less the same foundation: a directional content strategy; an editorial process with calendars and deadlines and briefs; a genuine acceptance of data.

In addition to a career in writing, publishing and content marketing, I have a passion for public speaking — in that, when I am out in public, I will often speak things like:

I don’t actually work here.


I know you just introduced yourself, but I’ve forgotten your name already.

But I also did this one thing on time, and it was fun.