the blind leading the literate

Content marketing is the bastard stepchild of corporate structuring. Don’t misunderstand. As a discipline, it’s alive and well – enjoying several recent years in the spotlight, rightfully getting more and more attention. But when it comes to where content marketing fits into the internal reporting structure every company has to deal with, the world of […]

whose broad stripes and bright stars

There are a handful of professional sports teams that enjoy a special connection with the national anthem. It’s coincidental, I’m sure. I doubt the Boston Braves picked that mascot hoping the audience would adapt the song’s final word. Same goes for Baltimore Orioles fans starting the anthem by yelling O! or Houston basketball fans shouting rockets! […]

You Will Never Be Innovative

An 11-year-old Helen Keller wrote a short story The Frost King. She was later accused of plagiarizing the book from the story Frost Fairies by Margaret Canby. Given the details, it’s likely that Keller’s story was, at worst, fan fiction — certainly not deliberate plagiarism. It’s more likely that Keller had the story read to her as a […]

The Day I Remember

When my high school classmates and I heard about the two planes hitting the twin towers on September 11th 2001, we started talking about how this would be a JFK moment for us. You hear stories growing up, from older people, who remembered exactly where they were when they heard President John F. Kennedy had […]

You’ve got to keep your dignity intact

I used to see a therapist — each week for a few months. Over the course of our sessions, we agreed I most likely suffer from something called Cyclothymia. The purpose of the meetings wasn’t a diagnosis, but it was a good way to summarize what I was dealing with. If depression is a freight train […]

Journalism Isn’t Dying

Journalism isn’t dying. It died. Twenty years ago. And Don Hewitt and Ted Tuner — not the Internet — are who killed it. Newspapers have been around forever. And as long as they’ve been around they’ve existed to make money. Think Joseph Pulitzer vs. William Randolph Hearst; big, bold, eye-catching headlines (regardless of how newsworthy […]